Friday, October 12, 2012

God's Messengers at Baraneskanda ( "Dewadoothayoo" )

                       According to Buddhist teaching (Dewadootha Suthraya) there are 5 kind of God Messengers we meet on a daily basis .Their message is very clear and specific , also they try to guide us to prevent our lives from the  "Hell" .

They are ...
                   1.A New Born Baby - Understand the re birth of a life...indicates to attain Nibbahana

                   2.A Sicked Person    - Understand everyone gets sick , before it happens to me ,
                                                      " i should engage with  good things"

                   3. A Dead Body           - Understand everyone gets die ," i should do good things
                                                                             before my death".

                   4. A Convicted person who found guilty - Understand "it will happen to me ,unless i
                                                                               haven't change life to a good one"..

                   5. An Old Person  - Understand, everyone gets old and disable, before it happens to me
                                                                  i should engage with  good things.

                   People have to understand and correct their bad life styles by meeting these five kinds of God messengers , into a good life.  Otherwise your next life would start on Hell with the suffer ..

To symbolize this concept Buddhist culture gift this "Dewadootha Parade"...

These are some nice Snap Shots of "Baraneskanda Dewadutha Parad "    


Three Small Youths acted as Dewadootha 
This pared was a colorful part of an opening ceremony of Baraneskanda Vihar Buddha Mandhiraya ,on 7th of October 1997 ....
Three Gnanodaya Dhammha school students names call Koushalya Yasaranga, N.P.Manupriya and Dushantha Nalin had been dressed for Dewadutha and his guardians.. 

Dedicated Seven days by staying at Temple
These three youths had to stay at temple entire seven days by listening to Buddha Suthra Deashana ...Also they had to  have a vegetarian lifestyle until this period ends. Baraneskanda Viharaya has organize 7 days Parithrana Suthra Deashana for this event.     

Venerable Palitha Nayaka Theo is on Proper Practices and duties for Messengers
Venerable Kahatawilawatte Palitha Nayaka Thero
has dedicated his full time for this ground work of Dewadootha Practices...
Though it's been a fist time experiences he has treated this like a matured  master...

The  24*7  Paritta Hut full of Reverend Theros 

Nice Pared Before the "DORAKADA ASNAYA"  
Final day of that seven days , Baraneskanda Vihara 'dayaka Sabaha" (Temple organizing committee ) has organised a Huge pared with elephants and nice dancing events .This pared has toured around the Kelaniya Village streets. 

Strong Three Tuskers 

Families of Respective God Messengers 

There was a Nice Parade with lot of Participants
Close to 50 groups of Traditional Dancers in different areas have participated for this .  

"Wadiga  patuna ' an Indian Dance ...

Dorakada Asnaya and Blessings from Maha Theros..