Friday, May 16, 2014

Vesak Sil Suwada - Ghanodaya DhrmaVidyalaya, Kelaniya

It's a pleasure to observe  Sill and let them to develop material and spiritual oblations for their lives .

We enplaned them what are the Eight Path of Observation.  They have understood their task and fully adopt mind , body and words according to sill steps.
As teachers , we explained from time to time the value of that ......

They deserved more merits for their own  part of Nibbahana ..

(Developed - Buddhanusmruthi, Asubaha Sannghaa, Mitree Bhawana, and Sillaanussathi  during that day 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

   Let's begin with Prathipatthi Pooja - Subha Vesak Mangalyak Wewaaa....
 Ghanodaya Wesak Pehewath Sisilasa begin 11th Of May 2014