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Since this year has been Leap year....Adi Nikini Poya was a special poya day for all Buddhist people

...This was a snap shot, while conducting the Buddha Pooja in the Evening before the arms giving program,,,



 Middle of the Arms giving Program for lunch .... at Baraneskanda 'Sudharmaa' Dharmma Shalaawa
Their were close to 150 devotees who have observed Sill today...






 The main sponsor for Adi Nikini Arms giving program 2012...Mr.H. Jayarathna, Baraneskanda...who is supporting the devotees  

The devotees who have observed Ashtanga selaya....

Deheth Poojaawa....After the Arms Giving


Ven. Kahatavilawatte Palitha Thero making the 'Punghanumodhanaa" for all the Damma Friends''
With some nice Buddhist poems'''



The Agenda of Adi Nikini full moon Poyaday at Baraneskanda Viharaya...




A Colorful pose of the Baraneskanda Viharaya

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baraneskanda Katina Maha Pinkama 2012

This time Katina Maha Pinkama falls on 1st of September to 3rd of November period of time . And this post is to inform about the list of Dharmadesana in that particular time.

There are more that 63 Dharmadesana will be going to organize by the "Dayaka sabaha"  at  Baraneskanda Viharaya this time. 

The Main Sponsor of the Katina Pinkama  2012 has over taken by MRS.K.A.ROSALIN PERERA , WITH HER DEAREST SONS AND DAUGHTERS, IN NO.38 SINHARAMULLA, KELANIYA.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Guru Thero .......Wandaniyan !!!!!!!

Most Venarable Welhene Sri Ghanasiri Dhammarama Thero….
                He was the first Buddhist Sanga teacher who has introduced Ven. Kahatawilawatte Palitha Thero and Nelumdeniye Siriwimala Thero to the Sanga Shasanaya…. 

Guru Thero with the Former President 
Ven. Welhene Sri Gahanasiri dhammaharama thero with the former president Mr . J .R .Jayawardane at the opening ceremony of the Baraneskanda Sangawasaya on 27th of June 1982.

This is the best two students of Ven. Welhene Sri Ganasiri Dhammarama Thero's

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wandhami Chethiyan Sabban...

'Baraneth Sthupa Wandanaaa'......

2nd of November in 1999 was a special day for the Baraneskanda Viharaya.Because one of a main requrement for this Viharaya ,has fulfilled on that perticuler day .
That was the "Sthupa" for this nice environment .
This post is to eleberate all about Baraneskanda Stupaya and its owne culture.............

 Relics inside the Dagoba

Under the Boodhi Tree

During the first week after Enlightenment, the Buddha sat under the

 bodhi tree, experiencing the happiness of freedom and peace. 

Throughout the week, He sat in one posture, experiencing the Bliss of Emancipation (Vimukthi Suva).


The Relics Division 

Conception and Birth

16 Buddhist Maha Vihara's in
Sri Lanka

The Enlightenment 

Gazing at the BO tree

In gratitude to the tree that had sheltered Him during His struggle for Buddhahood,

 the Buddha stood without moving His eyes as He meditated on the bodhi tree (Animisalochana Pooja), 

thus teaching a great moral lesson to the world. Buddhists who follow this example pay their respects not only to the original bo tree, but also other bo trees.

The Golden Bride

The Buddha saw through His mind's eye that the gods were not sure whether He had attained Enlightenment, as the Buddha had not given up His temporary residence at the bo tree. To clear their doubts, He created, by His psychic powers, a golden bridge in the air, and walked up and down it for a whole week.

The Jeweled Chamber 

In the jewelled chamber - The Buddha created a beautiful jewelled chamber (ratanaghara) and sitting inside it, meditated on what was later known as the 'Detailed Teaching' (Abhidhamma).His mind and body were so purified that rays of six colours came out of His body - blue, yellow, red, white, orange and a mixture of these five. Each colour represented one noble quality of the Buddha: yellow for holiness, white for purity, blue for confidence, red for wisdom and orange for defeat of desire.The mixed colour represented all these noble qualities. Today these six colours make up the Buddhist flag.

Three Girls

While meditating under the Ajapala banyan tree, the Buddha replied to a Brahmana, who came to see Him, that one becomes a perfect Brahmana by one's deeds and not by birth.
Three charming girls called Tanha, Rati and Raga (the daughters of Mara) came to disturb His meditation. They danced around the Buddha and tried to distract Him, but soon got tired and left Him alone.

Muchalinda Tree

Under the muchalinda tree - The Buddha started meditating under a muchalinda tree. It began to rain heavily and the huge Muchalinda Nagaraja (cobra king) came out and coiled his body seven times around the Buddha to keep Him warm and placed his hood over the Buddha's head to protect Him from the rain .

After seven days, the rain stopped and the snake changed into a young man who paid his respects to the Buddha

Rajayathana Tree

The Buddha meditated under the Rajayatana banyan tree. Two merchants, Tapassu and Bhalluka, came into His presence and offered the Buddha rice cakes and honey.
The Buddha told them some of what He had found in His Enlightenment. These two merchants, by taking refuge in the Buddha and His Dhamma, became the first lay followers in the Buddhist world. There was no Sangha (order of monks and nuns) then.
They asked the Buddha for something sacred and the Buddha wiped His head with His right hand and pulled out some hair to give them. These hair relics (Kesa Datu) were brought home and enshrined by the merchants.

An Old valuable picture of the opening ceremony of Baraneskanda Dageba completion 1995  . Most venerable Maduruwawe Sobitha Tero, Kelaniye Indrasiri Thero ,kahatawilawatte palitha Thero and lots of  devotes have participate for this event.  

A nice view of Baraneskanda Se Radun....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Combination Between the God Concept and Baraneskanda...

The statue of God Sri Skandakumar

‘Baraneth ‘is another name which uses to address God Sri Skandakumara. There is long time relationship between the Sri Skandakumara and Baraneskanda Viharaya.

               Before the construction of this temple there was only a Tamil temple, (Dewalaya) which has dedicated for God Sri Skandakumara.

               Based on that  Dewalaya, other Buddhist symbols have created. So that the villagers in Baraneskanda   , believe God Sri Skanda kumar still overlook this area with his powerful Blessing.

God Sri Sumanasaman
He is the one of a Buddhist god who has achieved the merits of “Sothapanna”.
                       Sabaragamuwa area (Sri Paada) is been ruling by Sri Sumanasaman dewa with the great strength.
                       Especially people who protect and observe the Buddhist ethic of Panchaseela, concentrate their mind for meditation will deserve the greatest support from Sri Sumanasaman Dewa.

Sri Vishnu Divya raja..

Vishnu is a popular Hindu god, venerated as the Supreme Being in the Vaishnava sect. Smarta followers of Adi Shankara, among others, venerate Vishnu as one of the five primary forms of God.[1]
The Vishnu Sahasranama[2] declares Vishnu as Paramatman (supreme soul) and Parameshwara (supreme God). It describes Vishnu as the All-Pervading essence of all beings, the master of—and beyond—the past, present and future, one who supports, sustains and governs the Universe and originates and develops all elements within. Vishnu governs the aspect of preservation and sustenance of the universe, so he is called "Preserver of the universe".

Sri Vibhishana
Vibhishana had a sattvic (pure) mind and a sattvic heart. From his early childhood, he spent all his time meditating on the name of the Lord. Eventually,Brahma appeared and offered him any boon he wanted. Vibhishana, said that the only thing he wanted was to have his mind fixed at the feet of the Lord as pure as lotus leaves (charan kamal). He prayed that he should be given the strength by which he would always be at the feet of the Lord, and that he would receive the darshan (holy sight) of Lord Vishnu. This prayer was fulfilled, and he was able to give up all his wealth and family, and join Rama, who was Avatar (God incarnate).
Vibhishana was the youngest son of Sage Vishrava, who was the son of Sage Pulatsya, one of the Heavenly Guardians. He (Vibhishana) was the younger brother of the Lord of Lanka, Ravana and King of Sleep, Kumbakarna. Even though he was born in the demon race, he was alert and pious and considered himself a Brahmin, since his father was intuitively such.
                   He is the responsible god for Sri Lanka as well as Sri Sambuddha Shashanaya.

Sri Sath Paththini Dewa..                    She has born from a fruit of Mango. And she has seven lives according to the discography.                    Every year 31st of December since 31st of March 1978 Baraneskanda Viharaya has continuing  the “KiriAmmawarunge Danaya”.
                   This poja has been maintaining from 1978.In this year (2011) more than 500 Mother’s have participated for this ceremony. Pooja with Milk Rice, Kiriya, Oil Cake, Kokis and various types of fruits donate for Mothers who's participate to this event on voluntary basis.


Sri Dedimunda Dewa

Sri Siddha suniyam Dewa

Sri Danaluxmy Dewa

Saturday, August 18, 2012

“Nice Place Ever “:

Inside the Pagoda

It’s a nice Samadhi Buddha statue , which has created inside the Baraneskanda Dagebha. This was built on 2nd of November 1995.
        Inside the Dagoba , there are lot of paintings under the theme of “Sassathiya” and  “Pre Buddha character stories”.  
       The Special feature inside this Dageba is the relict of “ Sariputtha Maha Rahath Thero's..
  Lots of devotees who preferred to do “Sakman Bhawanawa “
by walking around the Dagoba.  Every year there is a “Lotus decoration Poojaa” which covers the entire Dageba from lotus flowers.

“Welcome to the Baraneskanda Purana Vihar’’’

The Entrance Wahalkada of Baraneskanda Purana Viharaya was designed  on 04th of April 2009.
              It’s a nice creation which has created for  60th birthday celebration  of  Venerable Kahatawilawatte Palitha Thero and Venerable Nelumdeniye Sirivimala Thero’s.
               Also this Wahalkada was a respectful Gift for both the Thero’s for their excellent service for Pilapitiya Village and all over the country.
                The pioneer of this Wahalkada construction was,
Shastravedhi Kelaniye Ganawimala Thero…..
Now who has been the Principle of Pattiyahandiya Vidyashekara Piriven School.

For this project lots of societies in the village and the sponsors
Have given their fullest support. 

This is the official notice which carries the Respect and the honor for the Kahatawilawatte Palitha Thero and Nelumdeniye Siriwimala Thero… 

‘’’’The Pagoda Floor with nice Art Works’’’’

Nice Relationships will create this word a Nice Place…..
The two Pioneers of Baraneskanda Developing program ……
Most venerable Kahatawilawatte palitha Thero
Most venerable Nelumdeniye Siriwimala Thero……

The entrance of Gandakutiya ….Muragala’’’’’

Identify the Wisdom …………

If you can remind  the Nawa Arahadee Buduguna…..
You will see the Buddha 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beauty of the Baraneskanda Viharaya

" Enlightenment"  The Pagoda of Barneskanda...... 

         This was created on 2nd of November 1995......

Touch the sky Peace with pure White''''''''' 


Wide vishion of Baraneskanda Pegoda……
It will relax your mind……..

Venerable Nelumdeniye Siriwimala Thero….

Retired Principal of President college….Kelaniya
Superiour Astrologist ……..
Specialised in Boodhi poojaa….
One of the pioneers to develop the Baraneskanda Viharaya to this level……

The discernment
of the Tathagatas,
like a fire ablaze in the night,
giving light, giving eyes,
to those who come,
subduing their doubt....

Enlightenment  which is in front of the Bo Tree…
16th of November 1983….

Let’s light a lamp for maha Pragkhnaaaa


Baraneth Bo Tree………..
Make a wish in front of this ….
And work on it…..
For sure you will achieve ……

28 Buddha statues

Worship them……..
Bult on 31st of March 1999……

Come and walk on this Sand Paradise

The Bell Tower ……
Convey the message of Peace……

The Wahalkada……………
At the Gandha Kutiya……………!!!!

Welcome to an Environmental friendly Life……
At Baraneskanda…….

The Awasageya………….The Visiting Room of Thero’s
Created 26th of June 1952........

The Golden fence ……
Which protects the Bo-Tree……..

Let’s Step to the Nirvaana………..