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    This page is all About - Buddha and Baraneskanda Viharaya        Buddha was an Enlightened Human who discovered the path to Nirvana (Four Noble truth) the state of non-existence. Adherents of all religions can practice Buddhist principles without incurring the wrath of the omniscient God because they have universal universality.
Here is how the Four Noble truth  are relevant to our problems. 
First truth: [Existence is] dukkha (“suffering” both mental and physical).
Second truth: Samudaya [the cause] of dukkha is tanha/trsna (“thirst”/greed) conditioned by Avijja (“ignorance” of the reality of self), upadana (clinging), and a cluster of other mental, biological, and physical factors. 
 Third truth: Nirodha (cessation) of dukkha is possible by following the path to nirvana. 
Fourth truth: Magga (the path) or the "Noble Eightfold Path " provides the way to Nirvana"
    And The Baraneskanda Purana  Viharaya.... 

    According to that Buddha Teachings, Baraneskanda Purana Viharaya in Kelaniya , Sri Lanka has established a process to develop , spiritual and local aspects of the community.
 This temple established around 1930,  and the Golden Era has begun on 16th of August 1975 with the dedication of venerable Kahatavillawatte Palitha Thero and Nelumdeniye Siriwimala Thero. Now this Purana viharaya in hand with lot of spiritual and social services locally as well as globally. This forum is to bring you out the development process from this Viharaya to the community.
Here we .....       Advise people who are suffering from various personal issues in their day to day life , by Buddhist Teachings.. 
Organize various practical campaigns to reduce  "suffering” (both mental and physical) ....   Such as ...
Meditations Alms Giving ProgramsObserving Sill ( For Control Body and Mind) Dhammha Deshana (Buddha teaching Speeches )
Apart from that there are many amateur Small student Monks, who learn Sadharmaya under Nayaka Theros
Sri Ghanodhaya Dhammaha School in Baraneskanda Purana Viharaya is well developed Dhammaha schoole in Kelanniya.

The ultimate objective of this Viharaya is to drive community to attain Nibbahana in this Buddha Sasanaya..

TheruwanSarani !!!