Charity Events

"Baraneth "Praja Sathkaraka Sewawa...
("Baraneth " charity service)

               It's a Charity program ,which is organized by Baraneskanda Purana Viharaya  for the development of Children in " LOW INCOME FAMILIES".
                Every Full Moon Poya day , a Selected children ( Low income family Students ) Group in Kelaniya Area will deserve gifts of ,
                 1. School Books

                 2.Uniform Cloths 

                 3.Pens ,Pencils, water Bottles and School     

                 4.Also anything which added advantage 
                    for their education life..
Venerable Shasrawedhi "Kelaniye Gnanawimala Thero" is the main organizer of this program .

Lot of Good wishers and Dhammaha  friends in locally as well as globally Support for this event by gifting above school items. 

Please visit the temple and donate them for Ven. Kelaniye KGhanavimala Thero any week days before 12.30 pm. 

Notice ...

You can reduce your' Thirst/ Greed' feelings in your inside by Donating .. without having the feeling of  Clinging

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