Friday, September 7, 2012

Paththini Poojawa At Baraneskanda 7th September 2012..

Patthini Kannalawwa is a dedicated respectful Pooja ceremony for god Sri Paththini Mother.... 

"Paththini Kannalawwa" original dancing video performed at Baraneskanda Viharaya   

Patthini Pooja is Dedicated for God Mother of Sath Patthini . This is the first time organizing , a separate Pooja for Patthini Maniya except from 31st of December Kiri Ammawarunge Danaya.It was a very colorful event at Baraneskanda Viharaya on Yesterday Night (7th Of September  2012)
Venarable Nelumdeniye Siriwimala Thero is the organizer of this event .And the "Master guide' publication was given the main sponsorship for this nice ceremony .  

Patthini Venuma
Saman Gurunnanse is in the Dance of Paththini Character .

Their was a well prepared ' Shanthikarma Maduwa" (Dance floor) had been created by  Dayaka sabaha . Lot of vilagers who have participated for this nice event. And they got a chance of offer a Pooja watti ( Fruit buckets ) for Paththini Meniya.

Patthini Salamba Netuma 

A Separate dancing Crew

Glamour of the Dance  

An especial moment of Paththini Kannalawwa from Saman Gurunnanse

The Dewol Maduwa with Pahan Pela

Beauty of Traditional Dance

After the Pooja, all the devotes have treated from ' Milk Rice, Oil cakes ,Mung Cake and Muruthen Bath' by Nelumdeniye Siriwimala Thero.

Baraneskanda Viharaya Always welcome for these Traditional events which add color to the society ....