Saturday, August 18, 2012

“Nice Place Ever “:

Inside the Pagoda

It’s a nice Samadhi Buddha statue , which has created inside the Baraneskanda Dagebha. This was built on 2nd of November 1995.
        Inside the Dagoba , there are lot of paintings under the theme of “Sassathiya” and  “Pre Buddha character stories”.  
       The Special feature inside this Dageba is the relict of “ Sariputtha Maha Rahath Thero's..
  Lots of devotees who preferred to do “Sakman Bhawanawa “
by walking around the Dagoba.  Every year there is a “Lotus decoration Poojaa” which covers the entire Dageba from lotus flowers.

“Welcome to the Baraneskanda Purana Vihar’’’

The Entrance Wahalkada of Baraneskanda Purana Viharaya was designed  on 04th of April 2009.
              It’s a nice creation which has created for  60th birthday celebration  of  Venerable Kahatawilawatte Palitha Thero and Venerable Nelumdeniye Sirivimala Thero’s.
               Also this Wahalkada was a respectful Gift for both the Thero’s for their excellent service for Pilapitiya Village and all over the country.
                The pioneer of this Wahalkada construction was,
Shastravedhi Kelaniye Ganawimala Thero…..
Now who has been the Principle of Pattiyahandiya Vidyashekara Piriven School.

For this project lots of societies in the village and the sponsors
Have given their fullest support. 

This is the official notice which carries the Respect and the honor for the Kahatawilawatte Palitha Thero and Nelumdeniye Siriwimala Thero… 

‘’’’The Pagoda Floor with nice Art Works’’’’

Nice Relationships will create this word a Nice Place…..
The two Pioneers of Baraneskanda Developing program ……
Most venerable Kahatawilawatte palitha Thero
Most venerable Nelumdeniye Siriwimala Thero……

The entrance of Gandakutiya ….Muragala’’’’’

Identify the Wisdom …………

If you can remind  the Nawa Arahadee Buduguna…..
You will see the Buddha