Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Maha Dhana Lakshmi Pooja At Baraneskanda,,,

                                  ' Maha Dhana Lakshmi' is a famous Hindu Devi (God) for Wealth , Prosperity and Fortune. Every year 9th of October  since 2010 Baraneskanda Viharaya has been organizing this Poojawa from supportive sponsorship with "Master Guide Books Publication "  .This is some colorful events of that Pooja on 9th of Oct 2012.

Luxmi Idol Bath 

This Pooja (Blessing Program) has conducted by a group of professional Tamil Poosaris  (Priests)  in Colombo.They began the Blessing by use of "Esthotra" ( Poems include qualities of God Dana Lakshmi).

Time to time they have bath the Idol of Luxmi at Temple by Fruit juice , pots of Milk and different different liquids.
         According to Hindu god concept , most of the Gods love to have this kind of Milk,Fruit juice bath in special occasions . That indicates Pure and Fresh heath practice of Gods. 

This is a small video clip which carries that Pooja Beauty... 

Fruit Buckets Offer 

After respective poems and other Treatments , Main Sponger and villagers occupied to offer their Fruit Buckets for God. There were more than 50 fruit buckets have offered to god this time. 

Glamour of combined Fruits ,Flowers and Colors  

This Blessing ceremony also contend glamour with combination of beautiful flower chains ,nice fruit buckets and Tamil Music from 'Kovil Beraya" (A drum which uses at Tamil Kovil for Blessings).

             At the same time lot of Bells have noised  which have hanged on the roof of Lakshmi Devalaya.

Temple Premises filled with lot of Devotees  

 There were close to 200 devotees who have participated for this event , even at the heavy rain.  

Venerable Siriwimala Thero Busy with Preparations  

The Final blessing 

Blessed Mark On your Forehead  (Bindi)

        Finely The main Poosari (conductor )of this program, has treated from a Mark on every devotee's  Forehead from blessed Powder .They believe it has a huge power and strength for any body.  

        After devotes have enjoyed their returned Fruit buckets by sharing ....

"MURUTHEN" Bath Poojawa
As usual Venerable Nelumdeniye Siriwimala Thero has started to treat everyone from 'Muruthan Bath' (Special meal which has dedicated for Gods) in the end.Every one who have participated for this nice ceremony blessed and enjoy this nice culture.