Friday, February 22, 2013

Buddhan Saranan Gachchaami'' 

Let's join Next development Project at Baraneskanda Viharaya, 

Four stares Buddha Mandeer and Relic Mandeer with Sathara Apaya and Sadivyalokaya''    

Construction and Donation period is now On Air ............. 

Project value - LKR 5 Million 

Project started -4th of Feb. 2013

Objective of the project  - Develop the Buddhist Meditation / Develop Buddhist children Knowledge and Education ... 

Contact : 0112915641 - Ven .Kelaniya Ghanawimala Thero

Please contact and donate your funds for this 

project ...

Your Kind Donations  welcome for

K.Vimala Thero 

Baraneskanda Purana Viharaya. 

Peoples Bank , Kelaniya.

Account No.  055-2-004-0-0640355